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Ten Ways to Overcome Insomnia

I recently worked with a client who had suffered with insomnia for well over seven years.


Every night he would wake at about 3.30am and his head would be so full of thoughts that he couldn’t get back to sleep for a very long time. It had happened so many times that he had almost come to expect to have sleep problems and to feel tired and below his best during the day.


There are many aspects involved in


Six Ways To Start Feeling Better Today – Combat Anxiety, Stress & Depression (Part 2)

In my last article I gave you the first three ways to start feeling better today to overcome anxiety, stress & depression.


They were:

  1. Realise that all feelings change
  2. Practice feeling calm and relaxed
  3. Use your imagination


Read on to find out


Six Ways To Start Feeling Better Today – Combat Anxiety, Stress & Depression (Part 1)

I regularly work with clients to overcome anxiety, stress & depression.


Whether your anxiety, stress and depression is related to a specific issue or situation, or something that has just developed and grown over time, these simple changes will help you to


Business Award for Hypnotherapy in Ely, Cambridge & Newmarket

I’m really pleased to have been awarded the title Cambridgeshire ‘Entrepreneur of the Month’ for March 2012 as part of a business growth group I go to.


The award was covered in the Cambridge News – who wrote:


“Hypnotherapist Daniel Regan, who works in Ely, Cambridge and Newmarket has been named Entrepreneur of the Month for Cambridgeshire by Nigel Botterill’s Entrepreneur’s Circle. He was commended on developing his business, Ely Mind Coaching, and for achieving outstanding results for his clients”.


You can find the article here:

pdfCambridge News - Hypnotherapy in Ely, Cambridge, Newmarket.pdf


hypnotherapy in Ely Cambridge Newmarket


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Hypnotherapy for anxiety and panic attacks


After just four hypnotherapy sessions, one recent client wrote:


“I could never go anywhere on my own. I would fear getting out of my car to go into my house, walking in the dark, being attacked in and out of my home, the list is endless. This has changed my life, I can now enjoy and relax being on my own at home and pop into town whenever I want. My family and I have noticed big changes. Thank you so much.”


Anxiety and panic attacks are


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