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When will you Stop Smoking?


When will you stop smoking?


What will it take for you to finally take that step and quit smoking for good?


All smokers know that cigarettes are bad for them. You know that sucking in nicotine and other chemicals just can’t be good for you. And you know that you are gambling with your health with every drag.


And you may have told yourself many times that one of these days you will stop smoking for good.


So when will the time be right for you to stop smoking?


The final straw that leads you to stop smoking


Even though you know that smoking is damaging your health and that the cigarettes are in control, it often needs


Running for MacMillan Cancer Support

On 6th October I’m going to be running the Cardiff Half Marathon to raise as much money as I can for MacMillan Cancer Support.


Why I’m running


My Dad has untreatable lung cancer. The doctors have done all they can and have told him that all they can do now is make him comfortable.


He was diagnosed with cancer over two and a half years ago and over that time has had chemotherapy and other treatments. Sadly they couldn’t keep the cancer from spreading.


Over the past couple of years he’s gone from a happy, active, engaged person to a shadow of who he was. I’ve seen him fade physically and mentally the longer he has become a prisoner to the cancer.


Why MacMillan Cancer Support


The MacMillan nurses have been providing help to my Dad since he left hospital. They are also a help to my Mum as she cares for him.


MacMillan also


Is it really a panic attack?

If you suffer with panic attacks then you know the overwhelming sense of fear and panic that seems to take over your mind and body.


You may become breathless, feel faint and start sweating and shaking. Some people experience chest pains and end up in A&E expecting to be told it’s a heart attack.


You feel as though you are under attack and out of control.


So it isn’t hard to understand why they are called panic attacks.


What’s causes panic attacks?


Panic attacks often start during period of high stress and anxiety. It may have been building up under the surface for quite a while or be something a bit more sudden.


However your panic attacks started, it’s like your mind reached a level where the stress and anxiety caused a switch to flip into panic mode. And as the emotional part of you takes over, you feel less and less in control of your thinking.


The purpose of your panic attacks


Your panic attack is


How to Overcome Driving Fear & Anxiety

With all the cars on the road today, you might think that driving from A to B is the easiest thing in the world.


And for many people it is that easy.


But if you struggle with driving fear and anxiety then just getting in the car may be an ordeal in itself.


About Driving Fear


If you have driving fear, you may try and avoid driving anywhere. Sometimes just the thought that you may have to drive can fill you with anxiety and your feelings only increase if you do get behind the wheel.


And the more you think about it, the worse that fear and anxiety seems to get.


The less driving you do, the more the anxiety increases and your driving confidence disappears. So it gets harder and harder to do anything about it and the anxiety continues to grow.


Sometimes fear and anxiety can be


Improve Your Sports Performance

As a running leader with Ely Runners, and being a keen runner myself, I love helping people improve their sports performance and that feeling of satisfaction they enjoy when they perform to their potential.


Whatever your level and sport, you can learn from the techniques of champions and Olympians so that you get in your best performance zone and enjoy the results of all your practice and training.


Getting in the Zone


Recently I was working with an athlete who would get very nervous on race day. Vast amounts of energy were being wasted just trying to hold the anxiety at bay and all the things that worked so well in training would vanish.


She would perform reasonably well but was left emotionally exhausted by the end of the day and was worried about losing her love of her sport.


Using advanced hypnotherapy techniques, her next competition was very different. As she said herself: “The biggest difference was that I seemed to be in control of my feelings and I felt a definite sense of ownership and control. I was able to stay calm even after the race had to be restarted, and went on to race a superb race, coming first and getting a new PB!”


I also worked with a


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