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Weight Loss: Three ways to a thinner you


Weight loss doesn’t need to be hard. So if you want to lose weight and enjoy the journey to being a thinner you then follow these steps:


1. Forget Diets – Think Healthy


Forget diets – they don’t work long term and never will. Chance are you’ve tried at least one of the main ones and it didn’t get you the long term results you dreamed of. It’s time to step off the diet industry up and down roller-coaster.


As I tell my weight loss clients,

your goal is to achieve a healthy lifestyle.


When you are living healthy, you move more, you make healthier choices most of the time and you can relax about your weight loss.


2. Make one small change at a time


Ever noticed how when it comes to being thin, people try and change everything all at once?


We’ve all met people who intend to ditch their fat, sugary, lethargic lifestyle overnight and only eat whole healthy foods for the rest of their life (in between countless visits to the gym).


And then when you bump into them again they are still as unhealthy as ever and have a whole list of excuses why it didn’t happen this time. They are probably already planning the next attempt.


Don’t be one of the ‘do it all now’ failures.


Concentrate on making one change at a time – then add the next one when the first one is working easily. Make it easy on yourself and make it work.


3. Move more than you currently do


Make a habit of moving more. If you can walk somewhere then just do it (whatever the weather), take the stairs, walk the long way round, go for a walk at lunchtime, find a way of exercising that you enjoy and do it, get up from your desk and move.


If you want to be thinner then you need to move more. Start moving like the thin person you are becoming.


We are designed to get up and go so set your alarm and make sure you spend more time on your feet. If you need to then diarise it like any other appointment you can’t miss and fit everything around it.


Get Weight Loss Help


If you need help to get the weight loss mind-set then get in touch. Whether it’s over-eating, emotional eating, cravings, self-sabotage or a lack of motivation, we can soon get you on track.


To book your free initial weight loss consultation simply call me on 01353 669941.



Best wishes


Dan Regan

Hypnotherapist & Coach




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