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Ending Anxiety and Panic Attacks


Recently I was working with a client who told me she was suffering with anxiety and panic attacks. Even as she told me she was clearly on edge, anxious, and even a bit desperate to end the cycle of anxiety she now found herself in.


The anxiety had been creeping up for a while and then seemed to explode into all areas of her life. She had been signed off work and she felt many of the symptoms that go with anxiety and panic:


  • Feeling restless and on edge
  • A loss of confidence to do things she used to do
  • Avoiding crowded places and preferring to stay at home
  • Constant worry and anxious thoughts and feelings
  • Hot and cold sweats
  • Sleeping very little or not at all
  • Worrying if she would ever ‘feel better’
  • Worrying whether she would have another panic attack


Yet a few sessions later she strolled into my room with a spring in her step, a sense of calmness and a smile on her face.


She told me she felt good, happy and confident and was looking forward to going back to work. She’d been doing all the things she used to do and was happy going out for the day or being in crowded shops. She was looking forward to feeling better and better into the future.


How hypnotherapy helps


I love helping people overcome their anxiety and get freedom from panic attacks. I enjoy being able to see and share the transformation from them being a coiled spring of anxiety and worry into a bright, happy, positive person who can enjoy life again.


In fact, there is probably nothing more wonderful than helping someone enjoy that freedom and the inner peace and control to do the things they want to do.


So how does working with me help?


Well, first of all we need to look into some of the things that may have led to the point of feeling overwhelming anxiety and panic and how things are for you right now. Then we tailor everything we do around you as an individual and how things will be when the anxiety is left behind you.


We will help you get those feelings of inner peace, calmness and happiness so you can easily get those everyday things done, as well as enjoying doing those things that bring you even more good feelings.


I can even teach you ways to be able to manage situations, stay calm and in control no matter what happens in the future.


And just how good would it be to take back the driving seat in your life and be in charge of how you feel and what you do?


Help to overcome anxiety and panic


I’ve helped hundreds of people to let go of their anxiety and get freedom from panic and I’d love to be able to help you too.


So if you need help to start feeling better then please call me on 01353 669941 and ask to book your free initial consultation. Come along and meet me, ask all your questions and find out more before you take that next step towards feeling better.



Best wishes


Dan Regan

Hypnotherapist & Coach



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